Luxury Faucet
Currently, trends in bathrooms are directed toward flexible spaces, which both the breadth and openness of the stay,as fragmentation in search of privacy for each of their areas. To do so,Sinotap has a great creative team working to respond to these currents with comprehensive proposals, versatile and functional,in addition are accompanied by mechanisms designed to preserve the environment.

Medium Faucet
Its calm atmosphere dispels our tensions and reconnects us with nature, as its minimalist design encourages louging and relaxation. Superlet's sleek,tankless profile provides maximum number of technology occupying a minlmum amount of space, urban life made simple and easy just for you.

Economic Faucet
Has expressed SINOTAP the brief wind of sanltary ware. Have only one step away actually between simple and intricacy, simple element viaingenious, the create the boundant form and limitless harmonious aesthetic...

British Faucet

Southeast Asia Faucet

American Style Faucet

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